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 Shih Hsin University Campus Ambassadors seek out to find hidden treasures: YOU! You might be the piece of treasure we are looking for. We wish to find students with high energy and positive attitude, who are in their freshman to 3rd year of study, and wish to participate in public events in Shih Hsin University.

 Whether it is receiving distinguished guests, attending university events, fairs, community activities, conferences, or giving campus tours to high school students to promote Shih Hsin University, Campus Ambassadors are always seen wearing red POLO shirts and showing their enthusiasm and spirit.

 The Campus Ambassador Program was established in May 2003 to assist the university in hosting major events and assisting on-campus recruitment. Campus recruiting events include introducing the university's departments and their distinctive features, as well as becoming familiar with the campus. Every year, Campus Ambassadors pass down the torch to the next group of selected ambassadors in hopes of upholding school spirit and supporting the incoming underclassmen. Their enthusiasm and positive attitude toward the school continue to be passed down year after year, hence obtaining the title of Campus Ambassador. 

 The greatest contribution of a Campus Ambassador is helping his or her fellow students learn to think independently and have the ability to solve problems, thus improving themselves to grow as individuals. Under the guidance of the university's excellent staff and professors, students are able to find their own way towards a successful future. After successfully undergoing the Campus Ambassador Selection Process, you will cherish every opportunity to participate in activities and see the outstanding characteristics of each member in the program. You will share each other's uplifting spirits and cultivate an active, positive and responsible character.

 The Campus Ambassador Program differs from other school clubs and campus programs because in addition to being representatives of Shih Hsin University, Campus Ambassadors work professionally and have an in-depth understanding of each department's characteristics. Campus Ambassadors organize trainings and plan activities to develop students' potential, and cultivate communication and problem solving skills. With these personal strengths, Campus Ambassadors can receive letters of recommendation when applying for other programs such as studying abroad.

 Campus Ambassadors must have a warm, lively personality and understand and agree with school rules. They should be efficient in their work, know how to do a good job and always have an excellent attitude. By sharing their experiences in training courses and planning activities, they can inspire creativity through learning.

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